The hospitality worker is the first line of defense against angry, disgruntled customers and people named “Karen” wanting to talk to the manager. It is a highly overlooked profession in the working world, but it is one of the most important. In many industries, the hospitality worker is the face of the business. Luckily, we treat them well here in Washington!

With National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day coming up on Friday, February 23rd, the fine folks at crunch the numbers to figure out which states treat the workers in the hospitality field better.

They crammed stats from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for hotel clerks, maids/housekeeping, waiters/waitresses, first-line supervisors, and lodging managers (to name a few).

Mixing in with those stats came the average hourly wage in each state (according to ZipRecruiter and their third-party partner’s data).

So Where Does Washington Fall In Hospitality Workers?

Washington not only cracked to the top 10 in the country, but the top 5 regarding hospitality workers. The evergreen state came in at #4, only being bettered by New Jersey (#3), Pennsylvania (#2), and New York at the top spot.

Washington had, on average, 141 thousand jobs with an average hourly wage ranking of $28.71.

How do you celebrate National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day?

Celebrate that day by celebrating it every day! By being friendly and respectful to employees at ANY job and profession, not just in the hospitality field.

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