How to Annoy A Washingtonian in Just ONE Word

We, who are living in Washington, have problems with you non-Washington people (and with some of you already here). Now you’re gonna hear about it! Hey, pally, it doesn’t have to be the holiday of “Festivus for the Rest of Us” for us to stop what we're doing and start celebrating the Airing of Grievances: The Washington State Edition!


You may not be aware of this, but there is one surefire way to annoy a Washingtonian with just one word. There’s even a huge possibility that one word is “Washingtonian”, as I quickly found out from a few locals. We asked some of our listeners to tell us that ONE word that puts them over the edge when they hear it--the one word that fills us with the kind of rage that makes us curl our fingers and scratch at the air!



Are you living in Washington right now? See if any of these listed below will annoy the crap out of you in just one word when you hear it.

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how to annoy the crap out of somebody from WA state in ONE word

Reesha C: "Spokane-Style-Pizza!"

Matthew W: “People who pronounce the name of our state with an R: "WaRsh-ing-tun."

Destiny H: Them: "Trees?" Me: "Dirt?" "shrubs??" "Tumbleweed???"

Wendi R: “I just tell ppl ‘I'm from Washington...STATE!’"

Favian L: “DC?”

Megan, Sarah, Kimberly, Shannon, Monica, Jennifer: “WARSHington. WaRshington. It's ‘wash’, people!”

Patricia O: “*Like* I can’t think think of like a word that, like, people would like be annoyed with, like, it’s crazy!”

Melissa S: “Pikes Place Market instead of Pike Place Market”

Peachz M: “Bussin.”

Melvin N: “Woke.”

Michael M: “Moist.”

Emily R: “Wildfires.”

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