People have dubbed Washington a beautiful and magnificent state, however, the people of Washington get a pretty bad rap. Not only do tourists see Seattlites as mean and cold people but they assume the rest of the state is the same.

They would be severely mistaken as a lot of the people in Washington can be welcoming, and caring once you really get to know them. Of course, these stereotypes come from how outspoken we are against our own home, so let's dive deep into the things Washingtonians genuinely hate the most in Washington. These are the Top 5 most hated things in Washington State.

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5.) Traffic

No matter where you live in Washington state, one of the most complained about issues is the traffic. So much so that even traffic reporters hate Washington roads and freeways. However, it's justified on the west side when you're spending two hours in traffic for what should be a fifteen-minute drive. The most infuriating part is when you get through the traffic and see no accidents, issues, or even resolve, just people driving dangerously and causing back up that could have been avoided.

4.) Litter

Washington is one of the most beautiful states in the country, with beautiful landmarks it seems as if everywhere you look is a postcard. However, a lot of that can be quickly ruined by someone's trash. It's become a true issue around the state as locals and tourists will toss their trash just about anywhere. Beautification acts can't even keep up with the amount of litter in cities or on freeways. So of course it's a true hot button for those who grew up or lived in Washington for most of their life. Seeing something beautiful being destroyed by someone else's trash.

3.) Snoqualmie Pass

It's not truly the pass we hate, but the weather and poor drivers we have to deal with once we're on it. The pass itself can be shut down for weeks at a time due to frigid weather or snow pile-ups. The other issue is drivers speeding through the pass weaving in and out of traffic causing danger for others. Washington is by no means the largest state in the country, but on bad traffic days driving from Seattle to Spokane, it sure can feel like it is.

2.) Coffee Chains

Washingtonians know and love coffee, it's been a staple of our home for quite some time. However, big coffee chains are rarely welcomed with open arms. Of course, Washington is the home of the biggest corporate coffee shop in the world, Starbucks. However, locals still go out of their way to find local shops to support some of the best-roasted coffee around. So when we see one of our favorite smaller businesses close its doors and a dutch brother takes over it can really light a fire under us.

 1.) Haters

People can not even like each other but find unison in going against a hater of Washington. Whether it's about a sports team, our cities, or anything else you've read above. It's one thing when we complain about the things we can't stand, it's another one someone bashes our home or the things we hold dear to us. It's the one thing that keeps us united as true Washingtonians.

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