Feuds inside the squared circle are normal, usually encouraged. But when it goes from the ring to the airport, you better get TSA for a ref, and watch it on TMZ instead of USA. Hulk Hogan had to get police involved when former wrestling bro Scott Steiner threatened his wife at a San Jose, CA airport.

Hulk's wife Jennifer arrived at the San Jose airport to attend Wrestlemania when she was approached by Scott Steiner at the baggage claim. He grabbed her arm and said he was going to kill Hulk. She immediately called her husband who got the police involved and caught the next flight to meet up with his wife.

Airport surveillance does confirm Steiner did approach Jennifer, but when Steiner responded about Hogan filing a police report to TMZ, "Typical Hogan. He's just a punk." Look for the dispute to be settled in a Steel Cage, First Blood, World Championship, Hell In The Cell, Royal Rumble, Ladder, Hard Core Match.