If you're not convinced that the world is becoming more and more like the 2006 Mike Judge film Idiocracy, here's another key puzzle piece ... but first, the (NSFW) intro to the movie...

Now yes, the point of this article is how we are looking at the possibility of extinction, but it's not a far cry from the possible comedic future this film portrayed. In the film, the dumb reproduce like rabbits whereas the smart wait till the best time, and that time never happens. Well, due to all the dumb choices we've been making, research has shown how live sperm count has been dropping by 1.8 percent each year. On top of that, another study shows that male fertility is falling in five out of six cities in the U.S.

Philadelphia's Sidney Kimmel Medical College & fertility clinic IVIRMA monitored around 120,000 men from Spain & the U.S., who were seeking treatment to help their lil' swimmers from 2002 to 2017. What could be the cause? Well possibly the junk food, lack of exercise & pollution that we are surrounded by daily.

For more details of the findings by the studies in Philadelphia & a second one that took place in New York, complete with graphs and a more in-depth breakdown of the decline of the breeding stock of the human race, click here!

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