Our favorite insect collector from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is back to fight the Moblin and Stalfos armies of Hyrule Warriors.

This latest gameplay trailer of Hyrule Warriors features Agitha, the bug-collecting and wallet-giving side character from Twilight Princess. This ten-year-old doesn't have the agility, power or spells that Link, Zelda, Lana and Impa have, but she has her collection of creepy crawlers. That's right, Agitha is the slowest and weakest playable character in Hyrule Warriors, but she makes up for it with her bugs. As you can tell by the trailer, every time Agitha swings her whimsical parasol, a legion of bugs assists her and attacks surrounding enemies. This fighting style becomes even more elaborate as her largest specimens can drop in and help her take out entire platoons of enemies all at once.

Be ready to join the lady soldiers of Hyrule, Lana, Agitha, Impa, Midna and Zelda, as they rally behind Link on the battlefield in Hyrule Warriors. This Ganon resurrection is set for an Aug. 14 launch exclusively on Wii U. Here's to hoping they add in a Zora or Goron character with the next trailer.