It's no secret that I'm a huge gamer. Yes, I play the new stuff, too, and I love my PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, but my passion really lies in older video games and video game systems. Today, I finally scored one system I didn't have, but always wanted - a Turbo Express.

The Turbo Express was a handheld TurboGrafix-16 system that ran on six batteries (which gave it a mobile life of about 3 hours) and was way ahead of it's time. It was color, it was back-lit and it played the exact same games you played in your TurboGrafix-16 system. It was always well out of my price range when it first came out. Now, that I'm buying back my youth, the problem isn't the money but it's finding one. People who own them are mostly collectors or people trying to make a profit off of people like me who would pay good money to have one of these in their hands. I never 'needed' one, but always kept my eye out for one.

Fortunately, someone who found one at a yard sale or at a local thrift shop found it, re-sold it and it was the perfect price for me.

So, all in all, I'm stoked to add this to my ever-growing classic video game collection. There are still several game systems I don't have including a TurboGrafix-16 or the Turbo Duo. I also don't have a Sega Master System and many more so I keep looking and I'll keep playing these classic games - they keep me young.

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