We all have them. Those times when we just can't think. Our brain doesn't respond when we need it. I've heard the term called "brain fart", "vapor lock", "duuuuuuh", "uhhhhhhh", "F***!!!". In fact, when I was a young lad, and I'd have that momentary lapse of brain function, I use to imagine the cartoon of Steam Boat Willie at the helm of the Titanic. Or a hamster on his little running wheel, only he's drunk, or if I was really out of it, the hamster flat out died. Well, thanks to my friend, I now have a song that I will forever think about, every time I brain fart!

While my friend and I were on our Comic Crawl across western Washington, he introduced me to an artist named Neil Cicierega. Neil is a 34-year-old youtuber, musician, comedian, actor, filmmaker, singer, songwriter, puppeteer, artist, and animator. One of those very creative guys, that has waaaay too much talent, and waaaaay too much time on his hands (yes I'm jealous). Well, not only did my buddy introduce me to his youtube channel, but more importantly, this particular song! "Floor Corn".

Yes, it's a wacky beautifully mashed up of Drowning Pool's "Bodies" & the 1969 instrumental by Gerson Kingsley called "Pop Corn" (also spelled as one word, depending on the release). I laughed so hard when I heard this, not only did I toot a little (luckily it wasn't a popcorn toot), but I found myself forgetting that my mouth was open and I ended up drooling. I then decided from now on, I would do my best, that when ever the cogs in my brain stops the wheels from spinning, "Floor Corn" would be my jammed elevator music!

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