The County Commissioners have had a wild ride in 2021.  As the year ends it's perhaps time to look for the silver linings and County Commissioner Amanda McKinney says there are a number of them to consider.

Opportunities for employment.

Things aren't all the way back from the pandemic caused shutdowns, layoffs, and stay-homes and they may never return to the old normal, BUT with a change to the new normal comes opportunity and McKinney says the Covid induced changes will nudge employers to offer more incentives to fill open positions.  Senior workers calling it quits because of work/health risks and new rethought priorities will open up promotional opportunities for some workers too.  And of particular significance is the prospect of new flexibility for family needs.

Property Values

Depending on which end of the transaction you are on, low-interest rates and increasing home values have helped many families sell their homes and move into dream homes or downsize and bank the savings.

McKinney says even the Coronavirus itself has in a way, has provided opportunities for appreciation and thanksgiving.  From vaccines and treatments like monoclonal antibodies to recent medical breakthroughs like the new "pill" and even natural immunity, all are steps forward in getting out from under the dark cloud of the Coronavirus.

Funding Future Improvements

And looking ahead McKinney says the county will ultimately receive 48-million dollars in Covid recovery money.  The opportunities there she finds very exciting with the possibility of teaming up municipalities and businesses to get the biggest bang for those tax dollars.

2020 was extremely difficult and 2021 wasn't the return to "normal" that we hoped.  But we know more now, and we have more resources now and McKinney says we have to continue to keep a positive attitude as we work hard and hope for the best in 2022.

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