According to a new ranking and breakdown of Major League Ballparks around the country, Safeco Field sits in surprising company.

In a really in-depth rundown of MLB stadiums by the Washington Post, the Mariners' home field sits in the top ten.

In the company of Camden Yards, Wrigley, and Dodger Stadium, Safeco was ranked 8th best in the nation.

In fact, it ranks far above the most expensive venue of the 30 ballparks, Yankee Stadium, which was merely ranked 14th.

Aside from the great views offered by the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle, the stadium ranks high for the quality of experience around the ballpark as well.

From great food options, great tourist add-on experiences also found downtown, Safeco was given high marks on the "game experience."

A nod to the chili-lime grasshoppers was also included in the rundown.

Not surprisingly, the team with the worst stadium in baseball - the Rays. Tropicana Field actually got a new field of fake grass this past off season.

It didn't improve much but the aesthetic of watching the game on a field that doesn't look plastic anymore.

I used to live within 5 miles of the Trop and have watched more games there than any other stadium in the country.

If I were to try and compare experiences between the Trop and Safeco, I would probably have to use a food analogy. It's like introducing someone to Mexican food by taking them to Antojitos and then making them eat Taco Bell every other time.

The Trop experience plain out sucks, while Safeco builds memories for a lifetime.

Don't take the Mariners home field for granted.

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