When Captain Cod is in town, they're not hard to miss. Parked in a parking lot or corner of an intersection their vivid blue stands out like a sore thumb.

John Riggs
John Riggs

I thought they just had fish and chips along with clam chowder but to my surprise, they had a lot more on the menu. Still, though, I'm cool with fish and chip and clam chowder so I ordered that and went on my way to test it.

John Riggs
John Riggs

The fish and chips were fine. Fish and chips are my go-to at most restaurants that have it on the menu. If I don't know what else to order I'll opt for this but as this place is known for that I'll take it and they were great. I grabbed the 3-piece but there were other options you could choose. I also ordered a bowl of clam chowder.

John Riggs
John Riggs

The clam chowder came in different sizes from cup to bowl to pint. There may have been a larger size than that but I just wanted the bowl. This fish and chips were great but the clam chowder is the reason I'll come back. I've been up and down the Washington and Oregon coast and I'm here to say that this is some of the best clam chowder I've ever had in my life. Easily a Top 5, probably top 3 for me. Seasoned perfectly, perfect consistency, perfect clam to potato ratio. I wouldn't change anything about it.

If you see these guys in town again order whatever you'd like but make sure you get some clam chowder as well. It may just change your life.

Captain Cod travels around Washington State all the time but they regularly post on Facebook where and when they'll be around. Keep an eye on it.

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