If you were around Yakima in 1996, no doubt you remember it well. November in 1996 Yakima had its highest record snowfall in a single day. Just over 14 inches. If that wasn't bad enough, the snow kept coming here and there in the following days including another foot of snow in late December. I remember it specifically because I worked at Rite-Aid at the time and we couldn't keep ice melt, snow shovels and more like that in stock with constant calls daily asking if we had them. I was fortunate that I could walk to work but my co-workers who lived too far away would constantly have to call in unable to come as they may have a snowdrift covering their driveway or something like that. I liked working there so I never minded filling in as needed.

Yakima just got some massive snow these past few days. as I'm walking with my kids to school or to my car, I'm wondering if my kids will reminisce about this year's snowstorm the same way we do about the snowstorm of 1996.

Snow in Yakima isn't uncommon as we usually get some for a while. It may come and go and we still often get dumped with snow in late January and early February but this much snow is bringing back these memories of 1996. Roads being iced over, plenty of car accidents, plows finding it hard to keep up with demand and so much more.

1996, in a time before cell phones, someone grabbed some footage and I'm glad they posted it on YouTube. A quick clip but still you can see how much snow piled up.

These conditions can also be dangerous for buildings as the weight of the snow can crash through rooftops. I wouldn't doubt Yakima had some structural damage during this time.

What do you think, do you think we'll get more snow, and kids today will tell their kids in the future 'hey, at least it's not as bad as the snow we had in 2022.' - I guess time will tell.

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