There's a saying that goes something like, "The sun doesn't shine on the same dog's behind every day". Basically, one can't expect to have everything go in their favor all the time. My 16 year-old son, Drew, is putting that adage to the test.
Yesterday (April 18) he attended the Seattle Mariners game against the Houston Astros with his girlfriend and her family. About halfway through the game, Mariners Center Fielder Taylor Trammell finished his warm-up throws between innings and tosses the souvenir into the stands. The ball landed in the tunnel but, thanks to a security guard, it was tossed back up right to my kid.

I swear that boy was born with a horseshoe up his butt! I have been going to MLB games since 1983 and have never gotten a single ball. (I have been thisclose a few times). Yesterday's gift was the FIFTH ball Drew has collected at a big league game!

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Courtesy: Kevin Ross
Courtesy: Kevin Ross

I will give him credit -- he did the chivalrous thing and gave it to his girlfriend. Good move, son!

At one game a couple of years ago, he and I were sitting in the 100-level down the Left Field foul line. He was able to coax, not one but, two balls from Anaheim Angels players. There was a young girl sitting in the seats next to us and it was, clearly, her birthday. I told my boy that he should give her one since he already had one. He did.

Maybe it's more good karma than luck?

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