There is a small town in Oregon that is so peaceful, pretty, and pleasant, it was named the Most Charming City in the whole state of OR. Have you been to Sisters, Oregon?

It’s located in Deschutes County and it’s a half hour from Bend, nearly a 3-hour drive from Portland, 5 hours from Seattle, and close to 4 hours from Central Washington.

Three Sisters, OR near Bend
Three Sisters, OR near Bend, Canva

You can visit one of the nearby volcanic peaks (Three Sisters is about 10 miles down the road) or have fun doing one of these five cool activities.

1 . Stay in a 4-star hotel and spa to get the full “charming” experience in Sisters. Enjoy the cozy cabins by the creek, swanky modern spa bathrooms and showers, and biking and hiking trails, surrounded by the lush, tranquil wilderness. If you’re lucky, you can find a room at the lodge and spa with a fireplace.

2 . Get some fresh air from one of the scenic local parks in Sisters. This one has a cool and fun playground that the wee ones can jump all over.

3 . Grab some hot coffee and pastries from local roasters who have “sister” locations in Old Mill and Portland.

This is a lovely view of the volcanic peaks in South Sisters, Oregon.

South Sisters, OR

4 . You can get athletic at the spacious and cozy gym that boasts a soothing hot tub, pool, modern workout machines, and a fireplace to warm your toes next to during the cold winter weather months.

5 . Pick up some groceries for your stay in Sisters at the local town grocery store. They have weekly ads to save you some dough while you’re picking up some dough! There is even an online shopping option to make your experience go faster. Fridays are loaded with special sales at this grocery.

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Check out the gallery of Sisters below for your travel inspiration.

The Most Charming City in Oregon is Sisters, OR

Country Living magazine named Sisters as the most charming city in Oregon. Read more here.

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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