The Department of State has updated their list of countries US citizens should probably avoid in their upcoming travel plans. This is a list of countries with travel alerts since January 1st, 2024.

Surprising Travel Warnings for Americans

As you can imagine, war-torn countries are high on the list of countries not to visit. There are a few countries on the “Reconsider Travel” advisory that are rather surprising me, like Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica!

“U.S. government personnel under COM security responsibility are prohibited from…using public buses and from driving outside of prescribed areas of Kingston at night.” -


United States Travel Advisory Levels

  • Do Not Travel

  • Reconsider Travel

  • Exercise Increased Caution

  • Exercise Normal Precautions

  • Other

The United States Embassy also issues security alerts for cities within countries that might not otherwise have a Do Not Travel warning.

For example, in Mexico is listed with an “Other” travel warning. Government employees are even prohibited from visiting certain cities.

“Violent crime – such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery – is widespread and common in Mexico.” -


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Russia is another example of a travel warning for Americans that warrants interest. It has a Level 4: Do Not Travel Warning due to a host of reasons, including “the Embassy’s limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia.” This travel warning has been effective for United States residents since September 5, 2023.

China also has a firm warning due to “wrongful detention” in Hong Kong and Macau.

“U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Russia should depart immediately. Exercise increased caution due to the risk of wrongful detentions.” -

Travel Warnings for US Citizens in 2024

"Always carry a copy of your U.S. passport and visa (if applicable). Keep original documents in a secure location." -

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