• Appetite Is Growing For Tasty Delicacy

  • Overfishing Is Becoming A Concern

  • Critics Say Octopi Too Smart, Too Sensitive To Farm

The Washington legislature has sent a bill to the Governor's desk that would ban the practice of farming Octopi.

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California And Washington Lawmakers Take Action On Behalf Of The Octopus

Democratic Rep. Strom Peterson of Edmonds, WA says Octopus consumers will have to get their appetite satisfied with wild-caught creatures.

Octopus farming leads to suffering and sickness for one of the more intelligent and feeling animals in our oceans...It can lead to huge environmental and ecological effects as well. Octopus farming is harmful to the animals and the environment and is unnecessary. It’s time to move on.

The only known octopus farm in the United States was Kanaloa Octopus Farm on Hawaii's Big Island but it was permanently shut down in January. California and Washington legislators want to make sure new farms don't spring up on the mainland.


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International Taste For Octopus Expected To Grow

A Spanish seafood company spokesman says, 

Global octopus consumption amounts to 350,000 tons per year and the market is expected to grow by 21.5% in 2028 compared to 2022.

Eating octopus is popular in many countries, from Spain to Portugal to Greece, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and China. Despite the increased demand for octopuses, the number of wild-caught octopuses is decreasing due to overfishing. 

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You Don't Have To Be Able To Pronounce It To Enjoy It

 Yanagidako is a cleaned and fully cooked octopus and is entirely edible. The tentacles can be sliced thin and are quite tender and tasty. The skin has a pleasing red color while the meat is a creamy white. Sliced or diced yanagidako can be easily added to salads, ceviche, soups, and sushi preparations.

A recent YouGov poll showed 59% of people think it's OK to eat octopuses, while 24% said it was unacceptable and 17% said they were not sure. 

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Octopus Fast Facts

  • How many years does an octopus live? 1-5 years
  • How many eggs does an octopus lay?  100,000 to 500,000 
  • How many eggs hatch and fully mature? about 1%
  • Are Octopi "arm smart"?                   Yes, their 8 arms can act independently
  • How fast do octopuses grow?           Young octopus can grow by five % per day 
  • What's the Plural of Octopus              Octopuses or Octopi are both acceptable

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