Oh, the hook-up, the deed, the horizontal mambo, the beast with two backs, doing the Dew, Netflix and Chill sans Netflix, Disney Plus and Thrust with no Disney Plus, Peacock and… well you get what I'm saying. Having sex, but a new place where people are doing it, might not be as private as they think!

Thanks to cameras and AI, before getting it on and getting it off, you might want to think about what is actually on and turn it off! If you can! Now this advice can be aimed at any type of electronic device, but more and more people have been revving their engines in the back of driverless cars!


According to The San Francisco Standard, ever since Tesla released its auto-piloted vehicle, people have been getting busy behind the wheel, even when no one is in control of the wheel, and more and more people are doing it!


Some see it as exciting, being out in public and doing stuff usually done behind closed doors. Bystandards can see in through the windows (at least until they get too fogged up).


If you do get it on in the back of a robotaxi, are you breaking any rules? I'm sure sex in these cars isn't exactly allowed in the terms and conditions.


If you are planning on going for a ride… while you're going for a ride, just remember, there are cameras EVERYWHERE. That footage is being stored somewhere; you may never know who has seen it. On the flip side, you only live once, and if you're not hurting anyone, what's the harm?


Would you have some fun in the back of a driverless vehicle? Why or why not? Tap the App and let us know!

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