Washington State, evergreen state, wet state (if you live on the west side of the mountains.), the only state to be named after a president. Many great factors go into making Washington State what it is today, and among all the States...

Washington State ranks #2 Overall

That's right! Our beautiful, every season, family made state ranks #2 overall. What does this mean?

"The Best States rankings from U.S. News & World Report show how each of the 50 U.S. states ranks in 71 metrics across eight categories. The data behind the rankings aims to show how well states serve their residents in a variety of ways." - Source

How Does Washington rank in other departments?

Crime and Corrections: #19

Economy: #13

Fiscal Stability: #4

Education: #10

Healthcare: #11

Opportunity: #31

As you can tell, we rank higher up on the scales for a number of different reasons. The number that surprised me the most though was "Opportunity." only ranking a 31. Surely there's more room for opportunity here in Washington State.


Washington State Opportunities:


Agriculture is 12 percent of Washington state's overall economy. Source


Washington is a place where new ideas become international icons. Companies like Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Nordstrom and Amazon have not only become highly revered brands but have changed the very face of their respective industries. Source


One of the most important factors for families when choosing a new place to live is the quality of education available. Fortunately, Washington hosts some of the best cities for families wanting the best education opportunities for their children. Source

Never just go off number alone, always look for more room for growth, AND OPPURTUNITY

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