Are you sitting at your desk right now reading this thinking,

"Man, I am really not happy at this job."

Well, then it may be time to find a new one.


First though, let's take a look at some Washington Stats.

What is the unemployment rate in WA State?

4.7% (subject to change as of the date on the article) source

In english terms, what does "Unemployment rate," even mean? What would be a good number?

"What's a good unemployment rate? A reasonable unemployment rate is somewhere between 3% and 5%. When unemployment is low, workers are usually paid more and will spend more, which is good for the economy." - Source


Ok, so now that we know some numbers, let's get to the heart of things.

Are you happy at your current job?

There is a few things you need to consider before you take a leap of faith and quit your job.

According to Amy Lentz Liberati the founder of @HackYourHR, the time to quite your job is a very personal approach.

"I can't tell you what questions to ask yourself, but you need to have those so you don't have any regrets..." - Amy Lentz

She Adds:

"While in a job, if every priority is met except pay, acting within your control and advocating for more pay is the logical next step," Liberati told Newsweek. "If met with a negative response, then it's time to look for another opportunity and weigh your priorities against the current job."

This just not just apply to your salary/wages though.

Are your benefits up to par?

Do you even have health benefits?

What are the 401k options?

What do you want in 10 years?

Ask yourself the hard questions and answer them to fit you best.

This is your life and it's way too easy to "Work to live." We should be living all the time and our "jobs" should be an asset. Easier said than done at times but, at least you know when the right time to quit is.

Start Looking before you quit.

The ideal situation is to have another job lined up, but that's not always the case. Take these next steps to discover what YOU want and then go from there. Follow your heart and soul.


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