Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to some place you could only dream of as a child? Some place that is sky-high and dreamy?

How does that place look?!

There are a few different places around Washington State to stay in a Treehouse.

Top 7 Treehouses you can Book in Washington State

How fun would it be to stay in a treehouse for your vacation? You totally can here in WA!

Gallery Credit: Aly

As you can see, we found some really cool treehouses that you may book here in Washington State, so what are you waiting for?

What types of things do you pack for a Treehouse Vacay?

Yourself - Yes, you are going.

Toiletries - Cause, I said so.

Clothes - I mean unless you don't want to, not my circus.

Proper Shoes - No not the high heels, you want exploring shoes.

A Friend - Or someone in general. Maybe not a stranger though.


Do Something for Yourself Today that your future self will thank you for tomorrow.

In other words,

Book this trip of a lifetime, it honestly doesn't matter where you stay, but the least you could do is make it magically memorable.

Make your childhood dreams come alive with an overnight visit to one of the many treehouses around Washington State.

I am so glad others have a passion for out of the ordinary Vacation Stays.

Makes going on vacation that much more fun!

One of the first things I look forward to when vacationing is what the hotel room will look like. Is it nice? Clean? Inviting? Check all these answers off with flying colors are at one of these beautifully designed Treehouses.

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Take a Vacation in This Michigan Treehouse

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Michigan is now home to a luxury treehouse resort, and we can't get enough! High above situated in the trees, this 500+ square foot treehouse is the perfect getaway. Rustic? Yes, but will all the luxury and comforts of home. Surrounded by nature and streams, you'll never want to come down. Take a look inside Tree Vistas located in Ionia, Michigan.

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This Treehouse Home Is Up For Grabs In Montana For $2.2 Million Dollars

It may technically not be a treehouse, but you will get lost in the mesmerizing attributes of this amazing home in Bigfork, Montana.

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