A well-known car dealership chain known for its edgy marketing, featuring former Mariner Jay Buhner, has suddenly closed its doors.

Northwest Motorsports shockingly closes down

According to a statement on their website:

 "After thoughtful consideration and evaluation of today's pre-owned vehicle market conditions, we have decided to close operations at Northwest Motorsport, effective January 23, 2024,”

There were 11 dealerships in the chain, owned by a company named Sonic Automotive, and after 28 years, they have closed.  They opened a dealership in Pasco, across Highway 395 from the Pasco Autoplex.

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According to a WARN Report (Worker  Adjustment Retraining  Notification) from Employment  Security, at least 142 people were laid off between Pasco, Lynnwood, Marysville, Puyallup and Spokane car lots. The WARN Alert listed 142 job  losses. The WARN Alert arrived at the same time of the closing, which is rare. Most are well in advance. WARN Alerts from ESD are mandated by a new 2023 WA state law requiring  major job layoffs or business closures.

   Jay Buhner was a pitchman for the company

Former Seattle Mariner Jay Buhner, known as "Bone" for his hard style of play, served as pitchman for the company for over a decade, with a famous catchphrase of "trucks, trucks and more trucks."

According to sources, the move comes as a surprise, there was virtually no advance warning the company was preparing to close, and they have ceased operations immediately.

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