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It's not the stadium itself, but the surrounding area.

Luman Field 2nd most dangerous area in US

The betting website Sportsbook Review has taken a look at the crime rates in the neighborhoods surrounding major US sports stadiums.

The study lists the crime rates for the areas around the facilities, utilizing ZIP codes. According to the study, the Seattle ZIP code 98134, which is where the Seahawks' stadium is located, had an average crime rate of 63.5 crimes per-thousand of the population.

Number one on the list? Denver's Mile-High Stadium.  Number 3 was Detroit, Minnesota Vikings at 4 and the Kansas City Chiefs at 5.

  Nearly 40 percent of NFL fans report they've been a victim of some sort of crime committed at or around an NFL stadium.

The study says 39. 2 percent of all NFL fans say they've been a victim of some sort of criminal incident. The rate for 'Hawk fans in Seattle? 9.1 percent.

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However, when it comes to violent crime, Lumen was not on the list. The top five in that category were Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Kansas City and New Orleans.

The study also revealed when it comes to property crimes, the area surrounding Lumen Field had the highest rate near any NFL stadium, an average of 55.47 crimes per 1000 of population.  Property crimes include car prowls and thefts from vehicles of fans attending games who are parked in the area.

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