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Irate UW fans are raising their voices about projected flight costs to New Orleans for the UW-Texas College Football Playoff game on January 1st. And, some of them are aiming their displeasure at the 'official' airline of UW sports.

   Fans angry over sky-high prices

For the 2nd time since its inception, the University of Washington Huskies will be part of the College Football Playoff Final Four.

They're taking on the Texas Longhorns, who are coached by former UW Coach Steve Sarkisian. The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans will be played January 1st. But a lot of fans are not sure they can afford to fly there, at least on Alaska Air.

  8 years ago, UW and Alaska signed a 10-year, $41 million dollar deal for the naming rights to Husky Stadium, as well as some other UW athletic facilities. Alaska also partners with UW for a variety of other student and school enhancement programs.

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However, a search of various data sources does not specifically say if Alaska is the official charter airline for the Husky football team.

 Fans are upset that ticket prices are so high.

According to sources, a direct flight to New Orleans after December 28th will now set you back about $1,000. UW fans have been peppering social media, complaining the 'official' airlines of UW should at least attempt to offer some sort of special deal for UW fans. Flights with layovers, even up to 8 hours, are still at least $500.

Alaska officials indicate December is one of the more expensive months to fly out of Seattle: According to

"December is the fourth-most expensive month to travel to New Orleans through Alaska Airlines out of Seattle, according to SkyScanner. June and August are the two most expensive months, with tickets averaging $432 and $426 respectively, while July ($370 average ticket price) slightly edges out December ($331 average price)."


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