When I first reported about the possibility of JoAnn Fabrics going into bankruptcy last month, I wasn't scared because businesses file for bankruptcy all the time.

That doesn't always mean the store is permanently closing.

Typically, the stores find somebody to swoop in to save the day, and buy them out so that the store can remain a fixture in the community.

But then this past weekend, I started getting a little worried because I was seeing all these coupons from JoAnn in my email, talking about, "Hey, it's 70% off! Hey, there's all these coupons!"

Normally, JoAnn is stingy with some of their coupons, so I was like, hmm, something's up. My Spidey Senses were pointing toward the sad face emoji.


And sure enough, today, this morning, JoAnn officially filed for bankruptcy.

I was ready to cry. They better not close down my favorite store! It is literally my favorite store.

I go to my local JoAnn's all the time, even if it's just to walk up and down the aisles and just stare at all the pretty fabrics. *screams*

If they close down the store, I'll be so devastated, I thought to myself.

But then, I got to thinking, hold up, there are some other places in Yakima where I can find not only fabrics, but a lot of the other arts and crafts things I need and crave.

One of the places is pricey, but they have a great selection. Another is kinda cheap, but their fabric selection is kind of, blah. And the other one, I haven't even been to yet!

So if you, too, have been feeling distraught hearing the news about JoAnn Fabric going out of business, stay the course, there's hope! As far as we know, their stores don't have any plans to close in Washington state!

Here you go: four other places in Yakima to get fabric (and possibly arts and crafts, too).

(Note: Michael's in Union Gap is just for arts and crafts; they don't carry fabrics.)

Fabric Stores Yakima WA


The Quilter's Cafe

4001 Summitview Ave Ste 21, Yakima, WA 98908

The Quilters Cafe in Yakima
The Quilters Cafe via Google Maps


Stitch n Quilt

4813 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98908

Stitch n Quilt Tieton Dr
Stitch n Quilt, Google Street View


Walmart Supercenter Yakima in West Valley and near Terrace Heights

Walmart SuperCenter Yakima
Walmart SuperCenter Yakima, Google Street View



Hobby Lobby

2203 S 1st St, Yakima, WA 98903

Hobby Lobby Yakima
Hobby Lobby via Google Maps


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