It's finally December, and if you're the type of person to wait for the last minute to find the perfect gift... DON'T BE! Get something beautiful, crafty and handmade and don't stress in the final minutes before the big day!

The Yakima Valley is filled with great and talented crafters making their treasures for you to find and gift to your loved one. (You can even take credit for making it, most don't mind). Check out the list of December's Craft & Vendor Fairs & Bazaars in the Yakima Valley.

NOTE: This list is accurate as of December 1st, and fairs were gathered from various crafting pages and groups on Facebook. Dates & Locations Subject To Change.

UPDATE: Article originally had 15 different events, past events have been erased to help avoid confusion.

Yakima Valley Craft Fairs: Weekend of December 9th & 10th:

Selah High School Holiday Bazaar
(801 N 1st St, Selah, WA)
Saturday, Dec. 9th @ 10a to 3p

Prosser PTO's A Holiday Market
(1203 Prosser Ave., Prosser, WA)
Saturday, Dec. 9th @ 9a to 2p

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Christmas Market
(Selah Civic Center: 216 S. 1st St, Selah)
Saturday, Dec. 9th @ 9a to 4p

5th Annual Winter Wonderland Bazaar
(Presented by Elk Ridge Campground: 13880 SR 410 Chinook Pass)
Saturday, Dec 9th @ 10a to 4p

Winter Wonderland
(Day Spa Yakima: 118 South 11th Ave)
Sunday, Dec. 10th 1p to 6p

Yakima Valley Craft Fairs: Weekend of December 16th & 17th:

Christmas Bazaar
(Selah Civic Center: 216 S. 1st St, Selah)
Saturday, Dec. 16th @ 9a to 4p

Holiday Bazaar
(580 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA)
Sat & Sun, Dec. 15th & 16th @ 8a to 6p

How Can I Join The "Crafting Community"?

If you want to give your creative talents a try and get more involved with the crafting community, or just would like to be up to date when the next bazaar is taking place, keep your eyes on these Facebook groups: Yakima Valley Crafts Show/Bazaar's & Bazaar & Craft Show Events For The Yakima Valley (that is where many of these locations were pulled from).

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