Where's a great place to find a fish sandwich?
That was a question I never thought I'd see. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a fish sandwich but someone looking for one it made me thing 'actually.. .where is a great place for a fish sandwich?'
They were looking for a fish sandwich place in Spokane. I do like the city of Spokane and find myself there pretty regularly. There are plenty of great restaurants but when it comes to grabbing a fish sandwich here are a few places that were recommended by others.

Zips is a legendary place in Spokane that has just about anything you're looking for. They also have locations in Tri-Cities and other places, too. The fish sandwich is just fine.

Chicken-N-Mo (or, as the sign says, CHKN-N-MO) is in downtown Spokane and, according to Reddit userSuper1MeatBoy, the fried catfish po boy 'slaps'

Pryor's in Otis Orchard is just a bit outside of town heading out of Spokane Valley but they said it's worth a visit.

Captains Cod Company
This is slightly cheating as it's a traveling food truck that even hits up Yakima sometimes but it does visit Spokane so it should count. They have great food, too.

There were also several places that could be mentioned like Chowderhead that can probably make you a fish sandwich if you ask. I mean, they have amazing clam chowder and loads of sandwiches, certainly the can whip you up something decent.

Most of the rest of the recommendations were barely worth mentioning as they come from typical fast food spots, but maybe not to be completely omitted as people do genuinely love them.

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