Here are the 10 best post-rock/post-metal albums of the last 10 years (dating back to 2013), chosen by Spotlights drummer Chris Enriquez.

The New York-based group plays an ethereal blend of heavy and cathartic music, having first released the Tidals album in 2016, followed by Seismic and Love & Decay with Alchemy for the Dead being their latest, led by standout cuts such as "Algorithmic" and "Sunset Burial."

Comprised of husband and wife Mario (guitar. vocals, keys) and Sarah Quintero (bass, vocals), as well as Enriquez, the band has made waves in the post-rock scene in recent years and enjoyed an extensive tour with Melvins back in 2017, who are personal heroes of Enriquez in particular.

Concerning Alchemy for the Dead, Mario Quintero previews, "Our focus when making this record was to not repeat ourselves. I think we achieved our goal. Though we’re proud of all our releases, making just another ‘Spotlights’ album wasn’t an option. Pushing our own boundaries while creating something cathartic, yet strangely suffocating, with new sounds and textures as well as more personal and self-reflective themes, this album feels like a new fork in the path for us. Hopefully the listeners will follow."

You can check out "Algorithmic" directly below and let that play while scrolling further down the page to see Enriquez's picks for the 10 best post-rock/post-metal albums of the last decade!

Spotlights, "Algorithmic"

Get your copy of Spotlights' new album 'Alchemy For the Dead' (Ipecac Records) here. Follow the band on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp. Head to this location to see all upcoming tour dates.

10 Best Post-Rock/Metal Albums of the Last 10 Years, by Spotlights' Chris Enriquez

Spotlights drummer Chris Enriquez picks the 10 best post-rock/metal albums that have been released over the last 10 years, dating back to 2013.

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