Pearl Harbor....Never Forget!
The attack on Pearl Harbor happened December 7th in 1941. This is a day that none of us should ever forget. We lost many brave men and woman on that day. It was a surprise strike on United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Japan’s ‘Cuddle Cafe’ Offers Human Butt Pillows
There is a cutting-edge, new brothel located in Japan’s Red-Light District that has been generating quite a buzz with a menu of non-traditional services ranging from hand holding, hugs and now, butt pillows.
Since opening its doors last year, Soineya’s 'cuddle café' has built its reputation on provid…
Contact Juggler That Must Be Seen To Believe [VIDEO]
Contact juggling is like what those Fushigi balls are supposed to have you do. Or like The Goblin King does in Labyrinth. It's certainly an art form that takes patience and practice. Then, there's this guy. Akihiri Yanai makes it look like it's no big deal contact juggle. As one of th…
Door Knob Licking – The New Japanese Fetish [PHOTO]
I had a thing for Japanese girls until I hung out with one during my YVC days who forgot my name (true story), but even if I still had a major thing for Japanese girls, I'm not sure I'd be completely down for, what's sure to be, the birth and genesis for a crazy Japanese plague.

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