I think I can speak for most when I say that one of the suckiest things about the quarantine is NO LIVE MUSIC! No concerts, nothing. Well, we're going to try to bring you some semblance of pre-coronavirus normalcy Thursday (July 22) when we team up with the Seasons Performance Hall to present a free livestream show featuring one of Central Washington's favorite bands -- Cobrahawk!

It is free to watch this concert, which begins at 7:30 p.m., but it is also an opportunity for you to support local music by contributing to the band's Kickstarter campaign to help them fund the production of their second full-length album of original material entitled "Excuses Excuses".

There will be a question and answer portion of the production so if you have something you'd like to ask the band, you're encouraged to interact during the broadcast!

There will be a virtual tip jar exclusively for the band's Kickstarter campaign during the livestream and we encourage you to use it! All donations will be split equally between the band and The Seasons to help support the band's Kickstarter campaign as well as the professional video live-streaming and Seasons staff and overhead.

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The "$100 Kickstarter Kicker" ticket automatically adds a $50 donation to the Kickstarter campaign and splits the remaining $50 between the band and The Seasons. Help support the local musicscene and help support venues who keep the music coming to you!

Not sure how a livestream event works? Click here for details and see just how easy it is to join in what should be a fantastic evening of live rock-'n-roll!

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