What color was the dress? Was it blue? Was it purple? Was it blurple? Was it blue-purple? Was it royal blue? Was it cornflower blue? Was it admiral blue?

When I first saw the color of Vice-President Kamala's outfit I noted that it was a really pretty royal blue and thought nothing else of it. But then when I hopped online this afternoon and saw a post in one of my Facebook news gossip groups, someone was asking what color was her outfit.

Is this question turning into that "Is this dress white or gold?" meme disaster of 2015? Let's hope not.

I know that monotone outfits are supposed to make you appear taller and slimmer, so obviously whoever is VP Harris stylist chose an outfit that would be figure-flattering, and the picked a color that makes VP Harris' skin tone popping.

Vanity Fair says that Harris's "people" told the press that she was wearing a purple outfit. Hmmph! Well, maybe it looked purple in their lighting, but on my big screen TV, it looked blue as a bluebell.

I just did a search for a close-up photo of VP Harris' dress and I'm noticing that when I watched the Inauguration, I didn't actually notice her dress; it was her long-length coat that I saw. The weather in D.C. was cold and windy today, so the chance of us seeing her dress was next to none; she kept that thing buttoned up! Either way, the coat (and the part of the dress that I can see) looks BLUE to me. The rest of the reports are saying that it is purple. CBS.com and TheCut.com both say her dress is purple.

I'm sure the designers, Christopher John Rogers, and Sergio Hudson, would both get right in my face and tell me that dress was purple too. They should know, right?

I still stand in my strong (and wrong) opinion that this thing beautiful ensemble dress is BLUE! What color do you think it is let me know in the comments.

Which local designers do you think should style an outfit for Madam Vice-President Harris' next big event? What about Wildjay Clothing or Love Couture Boutique?

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