For my birthday (10/10), my wife surprised me with a trip to a petting zoo. Now yes, I will admit, turning 38, I really didn't get that excited when she told me we were going to go pet animals. I expected it to be like at the fair, with the normal type of animals that you get to pet in the barns. I turned back into a 10 year old when she told me that it was a kangaroo petting zoo!

It's called The Outback Kangaroo Farm and located in Arlington, Wa (about an hour north of Seattle). I didn't really know what to expect, maybe see two or three kangaroos, and a few other animals, but I was blown away! As soon as we got there, birds (chickens/peacocks) walking around everywhere! Then the 45 minute tour started with the lemurs! We didn't get to pet them, understandably, they were everywhere in their enclosure, jumping and climbing, rubbing on stuff. Next up, we entered the main enclosure. Like I said, I expected a couple of kangaroos, nope, at least 20 of them, hopping around everywhere. Some laying in their little houses, some laying in the sun. We were warned to be calm, and to walk up gently to them, otherwise we might scare them and they'd run/hop away, and boom tour over. 2 little kids, had a hard time with this rule, but luckily no one got scared, or will be seen on an upcoming episode of "When Animals Attack".

They were so soft, and very calm. One even went up and after getting belly/chest rubs, went and hugged one lady. We were able to feed them leaves and even see a baby in a pouch. Seeing them all jumping around really made me feel like I was in a scene from Jurassic Park... just the beginnings of the movies when it's all nice and awesome, not the running screaming middle and ending parts of those films.

Through out the tour, we got to see not only kangaroos, but also wallabies, wallaroos, Llamas, Alpacas, Goats, Emus, Parrots, a giant rabbit, among others.  The whole thing filled me with a youthful joy that works can not express.

The farm is open March through October, so if you wanna check it out this year, better act fast, with tours offered 4 times a day, Thursday - Sunday.

Outback Kangaroo Farm - Arlington, WA

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