Facebook is good for many things, and horrible for many MORE things. One of the good features of this brand of social media is the "memory" section. Yes, it can be sad when it remembers the anniversary of a loved one who's passed, or the day when your high school picture got turned into a meme effectively ruining your life. But other times it'll show a memory of a happier, simpler time. Like this pic that popped up for me from back in 2009. The KATS staff with Jondis, Todd Lyons, Timmy, & Ken Heman. Our memories suck, but we think this was taken at the Avenged Sevenfold/Papa Roach/Buckcherry/Saving Abel concert when they rocked the Yakima Valley SunDome in February of '09.

Where are they now? Kenny is rocking it down in Seaside, Ore., with his wife and pets, Jondis is handling the tech side of radio up in Spokane, and of course Todd & Timmy can be heard every morning from 6-10 right here on 94.5 KATS.

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