Our friends at Madd Hatter's Haunt let the 94.5 KATS staff come in a day early for a dress rehearsal. I think they really just wanted to hear us scream.

The entire experience was fantastic. Before you enter the actual haunt, you're greeted by a life-like hologram explaining the rules. Then you're ushered to the lobby where they have two separate haunts that you can go through as many times as you'd like. In the lobby itself there's a snack bar and souvenir stand complete with Madd Hatter's Haunt shirts for sale.

It's definitely worth checking out at least once this season. $10 will get you in and you may also enter to win a pair of tickets.


You can find Madd Hatter's Haunt on Valley Mall Blvd between Costco and Front Street, behind King Beverage.

madd map

Have you been through it yet? Without giving away too much, what was your favorite part or which part freaked you out the most? Tell us in the comments.

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