Cancer sucks! It's touched EVERYONE's life is some way shape or form and Canadians are no different! That's especially true for a young gaming streamer who goes by the handle zylTV,whose father has stage 4 rectal cancer. The young gamer decided to try something to help raise money for his dad's treatment, so he started live streaming on Twitch for 10 hours a day to help raise the funds.

Since doing his 5 day gaming marathon, he got the attention to some heavy hitters in the gaming/streaming community and has raised more than $13,000, far exceeding his goal of $5,000.

After he achieved his goal, ZylTV wrote:

$5000 will go immediately to pay for his fathers care. $3000 will be put into an 'in case of emergency' fund. Anything leftover will be put towards improving the stream.

I just hope, he meant more cancer type charities, and not improving video gaming.


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