First of all, what is a Korean corn dog, you may ask? Well, lemme tell ya. It's awesome.

Korean corn dogs are one of the many great street foods you may find in South Korea. Much like our corn dog, these are breaded and fried, sometimes with diced potato, filled with cheese and have a hot dog inside. In fact, from what I understand, they may just called them 'hot dogs' in South Korea since they don't use corn meal like we would our corn dogs. Since it's served on a stick calling them corn dogs is just easier for reference.

The one I had in the photo didn't have the diced potato but was a hot dog with cheese and when I say cheese, it was a lot of melty, gooey cheese which was amazing. All fried in a light batter. It was fantastic. I'll definitely be going back for more.

You can find these at Why Not Pho Restaurant on the corner of 40th and Summitview in the same parking lot as Walgreens. Right next to Nino's. They have a nice selection of things and this just adds to the awesome menu they already have.

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