It is always interesting to me to hear a teenagers point of view on music. And I have to admit that I agree with them with a lot of the new rock today.  It is not all that it is cracked up to be. I may not like the way Kurt Cobain conducted his personal life but there is no question that he was an amazing artist and the things he did for Nirvana as did the whole band, is incomparable. Not to put a to finer point on it, but grunge just like rock and roll will not die. People say it had it's day but it must be a very long day.

Kurt Cobain did some crazy stuff all the way up until his death. Most of the videos that Nirvana came up with was Kurt's ideas.

I do agree with one of the teens about the KKK member being in one of the videos. I suppose that it wasn't necessary but again, Kurt's beat was to a different drum. Now Kurt Cobain is legend. Check out the video and you will enjoy the comments that some of the teens make after hearing Nirvana for the very first time.



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