These photos of Kurt Cobain's memorial are terribly pathetic, disgraceful and just flat-out janky. Was this, really, the best that they could do?

Those words (trust me, "janky" is now officially a word) perfectly describe and might actually be too kind when describing the memorial that pays tribute to the late Nirvana frontman and rock music icon Kurt Cobain. What makes it even worse? It was erected by his hometown.

A couple of days ago, my old friend and former radio broadcasting brother Dan Erickson posted some pictures he took of a tribute to the late Kurt Cobain. You don't really have to be much of rock music historian living in the Pacific Northwest to know that Aberdeen was Cobain's hometown.

He described it this way:

"We were at the Kurt Cobain memorial in Aberdeen for five minutes. During that time a meth head warned me that a woman who walked under the bridge was a pot smoking prostitute. Pretty [lame] memorial.

I’ve seen cheap houses listed in Aberdeen. Now I see why. It looks like half the houses in town haven’t been maintained since the 1950s."

I completely agree, Dan. Come on Nirvana fans -- someone start a GoFundMe or Kickstarter page to raise some money to give a proper memorial to a rock icon and a native son to all Washingtonians!

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