You can say there is no such thing as the perfect gift, but you'd be wrong. Games are the perfect gift. Even the one person who hates playing games, will eventually find themselves alone and unhappy with a deck of cards playing Solitaire. I've seen it many times!

Thanks to a new KickStarter campaign, we now have a game, that many say... DIDN'T NEED TO BE MADE. Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Deluxe Edition. I assume it's for the people that need to have every board/card/box game known to man. Or maybe a version of Rock Paper Scissors for people who have arthritis, or perhaps missing a limb. No matter the reason, it's a twist on a classic, that looks actually pretty neat! So you may think that it didn't need to be made, well technically, it's not made yet.

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Why isn't it made? I want it now!

With KickStarters and other types of "crowd funding", you need to get a to a certain goal in order to get your project made. As of this writing, The Dragon's Tomb have only raised over 9 thousand of it's 13 thousand dollar goal.So it could use your help! The campaign looks to be wrapping up on November 11th, and will only be made if it reaches it's goal. If you'd like to back it, you can click here!

For millions of years, people have been forced to play the time-honored game of Rock Paper Scissors with their hands, cheapening the experience and insulting its distinguished heritage.


We are proud to finally give this decorated game the deluxe edition it deserves.

If you're curious what's in this game... well, you get the 3 main things you need, and then some! Check out the launch video!

What if I have no friends?

No worries, the deluxe edition comes with a "SOLO MODE". Yes, they invented a solo mode for Rock Paper Scissors! If you're curious how the whole game works (with objects), or even how to play regular edition of this Deluxe Edition version of the ageless classic, check out the "How To" video below!

If this project works well, I wonder if they'll make a deluxe at home version of the South Park version of Roshambo! If they do... I think I'd pass on that one!


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