Labor Day marks the end of barbecue season. Well, kind of! I barbecue all winter long. I do not care if there is snow on the ground! But, for get-togethers that are warm, this is about the last chance of the season. So, for these auspicious occasions I have some excellent recipes for you.

Part of the beauty of grilling is its simplicity. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t improve your grill repertoire or technique.

We’ve compiled a list of recipes and tips that can help you become a master of the open flame.

All-American grilled hamburgers

While you probably have pretty good idea how to grill a hamburger, it never hurts to see how somebody else does it. Watch this video tutorial from the BBQ Pit Boys, and you just might pick up a tip or two.

BBQ pork burgers

Hamburgers considered old hat in your home? Serve up some pork burgers with cheese this weekend.

Grilled T-bone steak

Can’t go wrong with a juicy T-bone steak to officially kick off summer. Here’s how to properly prepare it on the grill.

BBQ pizza

Combine the greatness of the grill with the greatness of pizza. This tutorial shows you how to prep your pie on either a gas or charcoal grill, depending on your equipment.

Grilled vegetable medley

The Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis grills her veggies in the kitchen, but you can summer-fy the recipe by taking the same steps on the outdoor grill.

Beer can chicken

Keep your grilled chicken moist and stable on the pit with a can of beer.

Grilled shrimp with lemon aioli

Break up the usual fare with lemony jumbo shrimp from the grill.


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