Barbecue Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend 2017 [VIDEOS]
Memorial Day 2016 is for us to remember military men and women who have died to keep us free. Also, to remember our loved ones who have passed on. But it also marks the unofficial start of barbecue season, and many Americans will be firing up their grills this holiday weekend.
I can almost taste it
Today Todd mentioned that it has been more than 60 days since we have seen the grass on our lawns.
Normally, I don't mind a few flakes. I'll grill no matter what time of year it is and as recently as a few days ago ...
But after having to knock several inches of snow and scrape ice off my ve…
Kitchen's closing
Labor Day marks the end of barbecue season. Well, kind of! I barbecue all winter long. I do not care if there is snow on the ground! But, for get-togethers that are warm, this is about the last chance of the season. So, for these auspicious occasions I have some excellent recipes for you.
Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce [PHOTO]
Now this is one of the best ideas I've seen since the Triple Double Oreos. Yeah, I know those just came out, but it's still worth mentioning. Barbecue sauce made with Dr. Pepper. Here's hoping I can find a Mountain Dew Salsa.