It is no secret that bands and artists love to attempt their own versions of Oasis‘ hit song, ‘Wonderwall’ — but there is nothing quite like hearing it directly from one of the band’s original members. Tonight (Aug. 12), Liam Gallagher delivered a powerful performance of the well-known Oasis track at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

While Liam’s brother, Noel Gallagher, was not present (having turned down the offer to appear at the ceremony, after much deliberation), the ex-Oasis singer put on quite a passionate show alongside members of his new band, Beady Eye. The audience was clearly pleased to hear the song and showed their appreciation by way of an enthusiastic, heartfelt singalong.

Oasis may have called it quits, but Liam still enjoys playing songs that were written with his former band. Back in June, the Beady Eye vocalist incorporated several old Oasis tunes into his new band’s set in addition to a brand-new track, ‘The World’s Not Set in Stone‘.

Members of Beady Eye have been reportedly working on a second album to follow their 2011 debut of ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding,’ but the release date for the record has not yet been revealed.