Don't forget nose plugs
This morning on the "Todd & Andy Show" we were mentioning that the near-record forecast high temperature in Yakima today (103 degrees) will challenge the all-time high of 105 set back in 1998.
This can mean only one thing for those of us who can't afford an underground …
Kate Hansen's Epic #SochiProblem is a Jimmy Kimmel Hoax
After the viral video of a girl catching on fire in a twerking gone wrong demonstration, we should have expected something else to come up from Jimmy Kimmel. This one hasn't quite gained the viral popularity as the aforementioned video, but the players involved in the hoax are much more known.
What Is Curling and How Do You Play? A Quick Rundown
The one event that I have been looking forward to the most at the winter games is Curling. The combination of chess, bocci ball, shuffle board and a household chore all together on a sheet of ice. Sounds weird, right? Well, it kind of is. At the same time, it takes a high level of precise skill and …
Idaho Native Sage Kotsenburg Wins Gold at Sochi Olympics
The USA brought their largest delegation of athletes in Olympic history to Sochi and it didn't take long to claim a gold medal. Congrats to Sage Kotsenburg for going HUGE in the inaugural snowboard slopestyle event at the Winter Olympics and bringing home the first place hardware!
Bob Costas Says Pussy Riot During Sochi Olympics Broadcast
The Sochi 2014 Olympics got underway on Friday night and the highlight of the entire games already happened. It didn't come during either the figure skating or snowboarding events, but instead when Bob Costas name dropped the most controversial Russian 'band' ever - Pussy Riot.
We bring you this Vine…
Michael Phelps Sinks Ridiculous Putt
You don't have to know much about golf to know that this is just ridiculous. Michael Phelps managed to sink a 153-foot putt at the Dunhill Links Championship. According to the announcer, Phelps is just learning to golf and is "26 handicapped," which we're pretty sure is G…

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