You read the headline right. What would you do if you won your own jet?

And no, I’m not talking about one of those boring jets that keep having problems, and mysterious whistleblower deaths.

I’m talking about a real jet, jet!

The kind that makes you feel like Top Gun’s Tom Cruise without all the Oprah couch jumping baggage!

You have an opportunity to be the first kid (at heart) on your block to own a L-39 Aero Jet, courtesy of Liquid Death!

What is Liquid Death?

Liquid death is water that will “murder your thirst.” Created by Mike Cessario of Delaware, after rocking out at a Vans Warped Tour concert, he saw people drinking water out of cans of Monster Energy Drinks.

He got the idea to see water in tallboy cans, and the rest is history.

To be honest, I’d see Liquid Death in cans, and I thought it was an alcoholic beverage, like Iron Horse Brewery’s Irish Death beer.

But then I saw the chance that you could win a Jet, and I was confused.

A beer company is really giving away a jet? Will the tagline be “pilot responsibly?

Jet taking off
YouTube/Liquid Death

I did research, and nope, not alcoholic at all. Just like Dasani, Arrowhead, Aquafina, or Nestle Pure Life, Liquid Death is water.

Enough about the drink, what about the jet???

It’s pretty simple, buy cans, upload your receipt, fingers crossed to the jet dirties that you may or may not worship and good luck.

Check out this video for more details!

We (this website & parent company) have NOTHING to do with this contest. I just saw the chance to win a jet, and wanted to share it with all of you.

For more info on the Jet  and how to win, naturally, you'll find that Liquid Death's website.

Especially since I’m still annoyed I didn’t win the Batmobile from Taco Bell back in 1997!

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