Everyone loves a great burger and it's that time of year again. It's Burger Week in Union Gap this week, February 19-25.
Wikipedia says the hamburger was first mentioned in the 1758 edition of the book The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse. As versions of the meal have been served for over a century, its origin remains ambiguous. But Union Gap Marketing Director Eric Patrick says there's plenty of places to visit this week to find the real thing.

Jean’s Cottage Inn
Enjoy $2.00 off the famous 1/2 pound Pepperjack Bacon Burger and fries! Serving Union Gap
and the Yakima Valley for over 75 years!

Old Town Pump - Brunch Burger!
Their BEST BURGER. All beef patty, fried egg, ham, cheddar, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle.
Only $15.25

Old Town Station
Have you had an Old Town Station burger lately? One of Union Gap’s favorite diners, enjoy their specialties like a Bacon Cheeseburger, Guacamole Burger, Mushroom Burger or our Favorite, the Blue Cheese Burger!


Sea Galley
The last remaining Sea Galley in the U.S. Try their flame broiled burgers! Featuring ‘The Titanic!’ Sink your teeth into this one ... a juicy patty with ham, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese and bacon, topped with sauteed mushrooms plus the Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger’ - one of their top sellers.

Major’s Restaurant
20% off a Home Run Burger or Triple Play Burger! The Home Run Burger comes stacked with ham, bacon and cheese! The Triple Play Burger is topped with onion rings, ham, and
Tillamook Cheese.

James Gang Tavern
All Out Burger! Stacked high on an all beef patty! Bacon, ham, Colby Jack cheese and an egg. Comes with fries or we suggest their top notch tater tots! Only $12.00


Pepp’rmint Stick Drive In
Dave’s Big DLX Meal for $10.99!
A 1/2 lb patty and one of their most popular burgers that comes with their own special sauce, lettuce, pickle, tomato, cheese & onion. A Union Gap and Yakima Valley favorite for
75+ years!

Denny’s (Union Gap)
Enjoy the Quarter Pound Cheeseburger. 100% beef patty topped with American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles on a split top Brioche bun, with wavy cut fries. $8.99
Don’t forget. Kids eat free every day from 4pm-9pm. Open 24/7

Try the all new Neighborhood Double Burger! Two juicy, all beef patties seared and stacked with American cheese and
smothered with buttery galric sauces. Served with shredded lettuce and pickles on a Brioche bun.

Famous Dave's
Enjoy a delicious double stack cheese burger for only $5! (*Valid for Dine-in or ToGo (excluding online orders). Not valid in the bar or patio. May not be combined with any other offer, discount or daily special. Excludes taxes, gratuity and packaging fees if applicable.)


Pick up an entry card at any participating restaurant. Visit two or more of the restaurants during burger week and you’re entered to win a great selection of prizes including a $20 Old Town Pump Saloon Gift Card. A $25 James Gang Tavern Gift Card & Beanie. Two $20.00 Jean’s Cottage Inn Gift Cards. A $50.00 Major’s Gift Card & Sweatshirt.
To Enter: Tag us on Facebook (uniongaptourism), Twitter
(uniongapWA) or Instagram (uniongapWA)
email the punch card to uniongaptourism@gmail.com

Plus if you LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE any of our Burger Week Posts on our Social Media, you will be entered to win!

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