I wish I had more details on this video. The more I look, trying to find out where & when in the world it was recorded, I keep running into dead ends. So what I can tell you is, the man in the video echoes the way I, and many of my friends feel. That the mass media blew up the dangers of the COVID-19 virus. I'm not saying it's not dangerous to those who are at risk, but when even Dr. Drew calls out the media, that really should make people scratch their heads. Are we right? Are we wrong? No matter what, I think we can all agree that the media, as a whole, could have handled delivering this news a little better. Like the old saying in the newspaper business... "if it bleeds, it leads". It's sad that good news is not the main thing that's covered now days, but if it's scary, let's run with it!

The video (below), first gained traction when it was uploaded (edited) by WorldStarHipHop.com & has since gone viral. It shows a news reporter having her monologue about panic buying being interrupted by an individual who comes up and calls her and her camera guy out for the hysteria, stating, “It’s your fault that people are freaking out here.” Check out the full video (SFW) below.

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