For the past 40 years, Arnold White (who is 73 now) has been kidnapping people across California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, authorities charge. Now that is newsworthy on its own, but what made it onto my radar was the fact that he reportedly used a mix of hallucinatory drugs and dress up as an alien in order to probe his victims.

The retired trucker was originally interrogated about four separate crimes that happened in the '90s when he confessed to a total of 79 kidnappings. He had his trailer set up to look like an operating room and would use different objects and sex toys designed to look like alien surgical equipment to boldly go where few have gone before.

FBI spokesman Darrell Johnson reported that most of the victims were loners and hitchhikers, which helped Mr. White continue his probing-spree for so long. "He chose victims who were gullible and might fall for his traps. Several of his victims were actually UFO investigators he found hanging out around Area 51 or Roswell" said Johnson.

According to World News Daily Report, Arnold White faces 347 criminal charges including kidnapping, sexual assault and possession. If found guilty on all counts, it could land him in prison for more than 382 years. Don't drop the soap or else someone else might play "Alien."

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