This can't be a real ad can it?

I mean, it's just a beautiful car.

Plus, I usually do my shopping at my membership store or online through my Prime account. I hate using payment services for third-party sellers online.

I never go to places like eBay to buy stuff anymore.

That may change today:

83 M

After all, I can just strap my kids to the top of the car, right?!

Now, I know absolutely nothing about the seller other than her name is Karen and she has been a member of eBay since 2013. That's quite a long time for this to be some fake account, so I might make a bid. Maybe. Depends. I haven't opened the electric bill that is screaming at me on my coffee table.

Darn it.

I already know without looking, it seems everyone I know had a huge bill come due from this harsh winter. I don't need to look to know I practically have no reason to buy a car that obviously needs a new engine rebuild, transmission, probably radiator, hoses, plugs, etc.

But DUDE, it's an '83 Camaro with a sweet retro Mariners paint job.

I want that car!

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