This Is MY House!
Saturday afternoon, I took my wife and son to the Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field with tickets that I won from my insurance agent Ginger Brewer-Tyler. To say that the stubs were the only thing we got for free that day would be a MASSIVE understatement!
At one time, there were two gigantic concrete arena domes in the Northwest.
Our Yakima Valley SunDome and Seattle's Kingdome.
It's hard to imagine that it's been 17 years since its destruction, but its implosion still is a must-see video of the day.
A must-have
This can't be a real ad can it?
I mean, it's just a beautiful car.
Plus, I usually do my shopping at my membership store or online through my Prime account. I hate using payment services for third-party sellers online.
I never go to places like eBay to buy stuff anymore...
M's salute Seahawks
The Seattle Mariners opened up their 2014 home season Tuesday night by recognizing their next-door neighbors, the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.