So, my husband wrote his top five tips that kept him married for 10 years. Funny, tongue-in-cheek, and a bit of truth. While many are valid points, I have a few suggestions of my own. So, here is my top five tips.

Same bed, steal his blankets

As the days are getting colder, your own blankets aren't going to do it. Take a section of his blanket, he'll get closer and you'll have your own personal space heater to keep you warm, plus all the cuddling you can get in.

Don't be afraid to admit you are wrong

As long as he's not the type to say "I told you so," a little bit of humility can go a long way.

Say I'm sorry

If you do or say something that hurts the other person, apologies. Even if they too your comment in the wrong way.

Try and understand their interests

So, they have a passion for video games that you don't understand. Find out more about it. Ask questions, like what got them interested in games. Find out their favorite game. Show an interest in them as an individual, and not just part of a twosome.

Try new things together

Things can get a little stale after 10 years. Going to the same places can get boring and make you resent the other person. Try going to a new restaurant. Try a new dance. Watch a movie you wouldn't normally watch. Even if you don't end up liking the movie, it'll give you a chance to have a conversation.

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