In order to get married in Washington state you have to jump thru quite a few hoops, find an officiant, get a marriage license and have a wedding, or some sort of ceremony. It can be a buzzkill for those who just wanna get it over with and have the title of Husband and Wife.

However, some states have what's called common law marriage, when you enter a domestic partnership and are together for so many years you're considered common law married. Some fear committing to a relationship out of the number of years they've been together and ended up being common law married even though that wasn't what they originally wanted.

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How Long does it Take to Become Common Law Married?

So you're curious if you're considered married by Washington state or if you just want to avoid all the hoops you'd have to jump through to get married. So at what point are you common law married? Well, there are quite a lot of rules that go into it.

For example, you have to share the same domain (living area) one partner must be 62 years of age or older and the other partner has to be at least 18 years old or older. However, this doesn't make you common law married, it only means you're domesticated partners and can file taxes and other forms as such. So as it turns out Washington does not allow common law marriage but does accept it if you want to be considered a domestic partnership and not married.

So is there Common Law Marriage in Washington?

The short answer is no, Washington State does not practice common law marriage but will let you apply as a domestic partnership in certain areas of home owning, work, or tax filing. You also have to be in a relationship past the age of 62 to do this so in all reality it's easier to just get a marriage license and officiant.

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